Day of Action: Save Local Jobs & Economies!

Day of Action: Save Local Jobs & Economies!

On Wednesday, May 17, join communities across the province for a Day of Action to Save Local Jobs & Economies! Meet outside the local health centre or school in your community and call/write your MLA as a group at a time that works best for you! Demand that your MLA represent your interests – ask them to reverse the corporate tax cut so we can fund our public services and the jobs that help support our local economies!


We know the government wants to cut public sector workers’ wages and enforce a wage freeze – yet an attack on workers’ wages is an attack on our local communities. By reducing the ability to make ends meet, workers will not be able to invest their earnings in local businesses and services.By reducing wages, government undermines our shared community interests, as fewer tax revenues means fewer dollars to fund health care and education. Rural communities will be particularly impacted by wage rollbacks & freezes, as goods and services can be more expensive in these communities, and often, the local health centre or school acts as a base for good jobs to ensure the survival of rural communities. 

We must not have Saskatchewan people in a race to the bottom – we need to ensure jobs that provide a living wage stay in the community, and offer opportunities for people to make ends meet. 

Join the Day of Action to Save Local Jobs & Economies in your local community! 

Take pictures and use the hashtag #StopTheCuts

Flyers, petitions, and posters will be added to the event page. 

Find your local MLA by clicking on this link – just put your address in the ‘address lookup’ box to find your constituency. Ensure your local MLA information is shared at the Day of Action! Here's a link to a list of MLAs in SK as well: 

Together, we can ensure this government makes decisions that benefit our communities, and not big corporations. 

Join the Day of Action on May 17!

May 17, 2017 at 9am - May 18, 2017
Across Saskatchewan

Will you come?