Last Day of STC - Local & Provincial Actions




Our Crown STC will be shut down by the Wall government on May 31. We want to show the government this matters so we're hoping there will be actions throughout the province on that day. Please join with your family & friends to plan something in your area. Here are a few ideas. It's important to let the media know what you're doing so call them in advance. 

1) Get on the bus at a nearby location and ride to another spot - call the media and tell them why you're doing it; 

2) hop on the bus and head to Regina rally to protest for the Premier's Cash-for access dinner. 

3) Call your MLA or the premier's office

4) watch the Sask Party site(s) for MLA BBQs,
other gatherings, encourage pop-up flash mobs, or other reactions, to let them know we are not going away

5) Get together with 10-20 people and lay a flower each on the floor of your STC depot - make a mock tombstone that reads #IWillRememberSTC or put the flowers in an empty suitcase that can be left in a visible place. 

Please write other ideas in the discussion spaces below. 
Remember the hearing are coming up and you can continue to ask for a cash for value audit from the provincial citizen's audit (online).



Stop the Cuts is encouraging people across Saskatchewan to organize gatherings at their local bus depots on Wednesday, May 31 to mark the end of 70 years of service of the province’s unique crown bus corporation. Listings of local gatherings can be posted on the wall of this Facebook event or emailed to [email protected]

We are also encouraging people to take to social media to share their stories and experiences with the Bus Company using the hashtag #IWillRememberSTC

THE SASKATOON EVENT WILL START AT 7:45 PM at the DEPOT. We will stay to greet the8:20 bus from Regina and hope to have some of you on the bus

The Saskatchewan Transport Company (STC) is an essential service that has served our province since 1947. A victim of government mismanagement and cuts, instead of expansion and promotion as a safe, efficient, travel service for many Saskatchewanians, the STC is set to close on May 31, 2017.

No plan to replace the current the transportation system currently exists, leaving hundreds of people scrambling to find alternative transportation or cancelling travel plans altogether.

Though it should be regarded as a national treasure (there are no equals to the level of public transport service across Canada that the STC provided), the Saskatchewan Party government has nonetheless fought aggressively to close an essential service that belongs to all of us.

As we ask "why" and bring details to light about its closure, please remember STC in a manner of your choosing. Share photos, stories, and memories on this page, and on social media, with the hashtag #IWillRememberSTC. 

We salute the many excellent drivers, mechanics, ticket agents, shipping agents, administrators, and other employees who have served us over the years as part of STC, and mourn the loss of good employment for present and future professional drivers in our province that the loss of STC represents.

If you are able to be at an STC station or are able to ride the STC that day, check out some actions people are organizing on this event page

May 31, 2017 at 7am - 10pm

Will you come?