Penny-wise, pound-foolish STC ruling will leave many without transportation service

Judge's ruling opens door to privatization of SK Crowns without consultation

Posted: Friday, May 26, 2017 - 5:30 PM

Save STC is disappointed with Judge Schwann’s ruling on the wind-down of the STC. The judge has opened the door to the privatization of the Crowns without consultation. While she recognized that the Crown Corporation Public Ownership Act was designed to mandate public consultation before a wind-down, the judge's strict and narrow interpretation of the law has led her to decide that, with Bill 40 in place, the government had the right to wind the STC down without public consultation. We see Bill 40 as a back-door, post hoc attempt to side-step the mandated consultation in the privatization of STC.

Whatever the legal status of this decision, the hasty privatization of the STC remains a bad decision for the province. It will leave many people without anything approaching the equivalent level of service, safety, and security. People with disabilities, the elderly, students, rural residents, northerners, those without cars or who can’t or shouldn’t drive, will all be left without their safe and affordable transport service. It's penny-wise and pound-foolish.

This decision to privatize without public consultation and without a careful evaluation of the costs and risks involved is bad planning all around. There is also no evidence that any of the private sector contenders have the intention or the capacity to replace the STC as rural and Northern public transit and as an integral part of Saskatchewan's sustainable regional development. Until the assets are sold off, we will continue to protest the wind-down.


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