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The private sector failed to fill the void created by the termination of STC

Stop The Cuts is launching a series of Public Hearings at which groups and individuals will be encouraged to discuss what the closure of STC means to them, and what their transportation needs are today – and are likely to be in the future. The first Pubic Hearing will be held in Saskatoon on May 15 – details to follow. Other public hearings will be held in Regina, in the North, and Stop The Cuts is open to requests from other communities as well.

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Stop the Cuts statement on Greyhound closure

Media Release from Stop the Cuts (Save STC)

Déjà vu.

Since Greyhound announced it was closing operations in Western Canada effective
the end of October, several small companies jumped in to say they’d take over
routes. This is similar to what happened in Saskatchewan when the government
shuttered the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC). Encouraged by the
SaskParty government’s rhetoric about the capacity of the market to provide
necessary services once the publicly-subsidized Crown Corporation was out of the
way, ten companies vied for the former STC routes. One year later, only two of those
companies remain and most of the routes have no common carrier passenger

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Op-Ed: Budget hits hard again

The Sask Party has taken another swing at poor people in their 2018 budget.

After pre-budget hints of another PST increase and more cuts, we are all supposed to feel relieved with the arrival of the 2018-19 provincial budget. On the surface, this budget might seem nicer compared to last year, but it continues to take us down the government’s disastrous austerity path. The only small comfort is knowing that the budget would have been worse if not for the relentless advocacy and pushback from thousands of concerned citizens.

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The System is Broken & the Depot is Closing: Provincial Leadership Candidate Forum

We have invited all the leadership candidates from the NDP and the SaskParty to ask how they intend to resolve the crisis in Saskatchewan.  Please join us. The Facebook ad is at this link:  

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Stop the Cuts is holding public town hall discussions in rural and northern areas called Crowns and Cuts

Residents of North Battleford recently attended a Crowns and Cuts the first Town Hall meeting in a series of public discussions in rural and northern areas being facilitated by Stop the Cuts, a citizens group of people concerned about the impacts provincial budget cuts. Crowns and Cuts Town Hall organizers are highlighting the value of Crown Corporations, which have been contributing to the strength of Saskatchewan’s economy and social fabric for over 100 years. The second Crowns and Cuts event will be in LaRonge on Thursday, August 31 at 7 pm at the United Church.

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Wall’s lack of planning is a transportation crisis for many SK residents

There is a transportation crisis in Saskatchewan. Until May 31 we had Saskatchewan Transportation Company that was, by all accounts, one of the best bus passenger services in Canada. In Wall’s rush to privatize STC he didn’t allow enough time for a responsible "wind-down" or to learn about the consequences of the cut, and now we have a crisis: 

  • People are being air-evacuated for medical reasons to urban centres and find themselves without return transportation; 
  • Seniors and disabled people are left in rural and remote locations without public transit; and
  • People are hitchhiking everywhere  or privately paying friends to drive them. 

A Saskatchewan human rights complaint suggests this may cause death to Indigenous women. 

When people call Wall’s office his administration has the audacity to suggest Stop the Cuts is responsible. 

According to Stop the Cuts this isn't true, not by a long shot. As per provisions in the Highway Traffic Act, objections were filed by private citizens, as per the designated procedure to get running rights-- this is the democratic right of citizens and is prescribed in the Act itself.  

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Federal Transit Funding Could Save STC

Stop the Cuts is asking Saskatchewan residents to contact their MLAs and MPs to broker a deal. 

Saskatoon – June 7, 2017 - With the STC, the Saskatchewan Party could have its cake and eat it too. Stop the Cuts has learned about federal transit funding that has become available that could allow the STC to continue running and for the province to save millions on the budget.

The Federal Government announced 20.1 Billion dollars in transit funding for the next 11 years in this year's budget. Depending on the funding formula used, Saskatchewan is entitled to between $320 Million and $640 Million.

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Wall government's cut in STC bus service strands passengers

The Saskatchewan Transport Company (STC) is designated an essential public service in Saskatchewan for many reasons. Public transportation has been shown to be crucial in serving and maintaining areas of low population density and remote, hard-to-travel-to communities. Saskatchewan people and services are connected through public transport, enabling rural and small town people to enjoy similar amenities to their urban neighbours. The STC has given many people, who would otherwise be without means, a safe, affordable, and environmentally-friendly way to move around their province. The government of Saskatchewan issued a rash decision in privatizing STC – and their lack of planning around this is becoming more apparent daily.

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Penny-wise, pound-foolish STC ruling will leave many without transportation service

Judge's ruling opens door to privatization of SK Crowns without consultation

Save STC is disappointed with Judge Schwann’s ruling on the wind-down of the STC. The judge has opened the door to the privatization of the Crowns without consultation. While she recognized that the Crown Corporation Public Ownership Act was designed to mandate public consultation before a wind-down, the judge's strict and narrow interpretation of the law has led her to decide that, with Bill 40 in place, the government had the right to wind the STC down without public consultation. We see Bill 40 as a back-door, post hoc attempt to side-step the mandated consultation in the privatization of STC.

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Thousands of transit users put at risk

Save STC is lobbying and working daily with hundreds of supporters to stop the shuttering of STC. A primary reason is that safety and accessibility are at the heart of STC. STC has an impeccable safety record and that is unlikely to be replaced by any private company trying to take over the essential public transportation service.

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