Share Your Story

Stop the Cuts is hoping to share stories about people impacted by the deep cutbacks to social services and crown corporations in the 2017/18 austerity budget. People often cannot quite absorb the impact of cut through facts and numbers alone, but they understand when they hear a story. We'd like to use quotes from your story to be able to point to real examples of how people and communities have been hurt. 

We would like to use these stories and quotes on our website, in our research, in poster campaigns, and other visual artwork. 

Please leave your contact information here so we can follow up with you and ask for more details. We can leave information out if it needs to protect your job, or someone's confidentiality. 

Note: if your story is long, you may want to compose it on a separate note on your computer, and then paste it in here - if you lose your internet connection while you are typing, for example, you might lose the whole story.