The private sector failed to fill the void created by the termination of STC

The Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) will cease to exist as a legal entity this Sunday, March 31, notes the anti-austerity group Stop the Cuts. Our publicly owned bus company, STC didn’t die a natural death; it was killed by the Sask Party.

“When the Sask Party government decided to shut down STC, people were assured that the private sector would step in and meet the demands of those who relied on the bus for visiting family, traveling to access medical appointments, and shipping important packages. We knew that promise was a lie, and the situation today confirms it,” Stop The Cuts stated. “The private sector has NOT stepped up as promised. Only a handful of routes are currently covered, with service far below the standard that STC offered. Many people and businesses have suffered, and continue to suffer, as a result.”

For this reason, Stop The Cuts is launching a series of Public Hearings at which groups and individuals will be encouraged to discuss what the closure of STC means to them, and what their transportation needs are today – and are likely to be in the future. The first Pubic Hearing will be held in Saskatoon on May 15 – details to follow. Other public hearings will be held in Regina, in the North, and Stop The Cuts is open to requests from other communities as well.

After the completion of the Public Hearings, Stop The Cuts will launch an ‘STC 2020’ process to model what a new provincial service should look like.

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